Feder Lab Spring 2016
Photo credit: Hannes Schuler

Current Graduate Students

Meredith Doellman
Peter Meyers
Dan Bruzzese
Seth Van Dexter
Amanda Driscoe

Former Graduate Students

Mary Copy

Cheyenne Tait (PhD 2018) Post doc, University of Massachusetts Amherst Email
Mary Glover (PhD 2018) Instructor, Washington College Email (Homepage)
L. Ashley Miller (MS 2017) Lab Manager, University of California San Diego
Glen Hood (PhD 2016) Research Assistant Professor, Wayne State University Email (Homepage)
Gilbert Saint Jean (PhD 2015) Email
Sheina Sim (PhD 2013) Junior Researcher, University of Hawaii at Manoa Email
Tom Powell (PhD 2012) Assistant Professor, Binghamton University Email (Homepage)
Andrew Forbes (PhD 2008) Associate Professor, University of Iowa Email (Homepage)
Xianfa Xie (PhD 2005) Assistant Professor, Virginia State University Email
Sebastian Velez (MS 2005) Assistant Professor, Worcester State University Email
Hattie Dambroski (PhD 2004) Instructor, Normandale Community College Email
Kristin Lewis (MS 2002) Instructor, University of Notre Dame Email
Kenneth Filchak (PhD 2001) Instructor, University of Notre Dame Email
Uwe Stolz (PhD) Director, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Arizona Emergency Medicine Research Center Email
Bill Perry (PhD 1998) Associate Professor, Illinois State University Email (Homepage)
Joe Roethele (MS)

Former Post Docs

Carsten Nowak

Dr. Hannes Schuler (2014-2016, Erwin Schrödinger Fellow) BOKU, University of Natural Resources & Life Sciences, Vienna Email (Homepage)
Dr. Carsten Nowak (2007, Joint Appointment with Hellmann and Lodge labs) Head of Section Conservation Genetics, Senckenberg Research Institute Email
Dr. Andrew Michel (2006-2007) Associate Professor and Interim Associate Chair, The Ohio State University Email
Dr. Michael Taylor (2005-2006) Associate Professor, Southeast Missouri State University Email (Homepage)

Former Research Assistant Professors

Dr. Scott Egan (2011-2013) Assistant Professor, Rice University Email (Homepage)
Dr. Greg Ragland (2012-2014) Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Denver Email (Homepage)