Jeff Feder CV

Jeffrey L. Feder

University of Notre Dame
Department of Biological Sciences
290C Galvin Life Sciences Building
P.O. Box 369
Notre Dame, IN, U.S.A. 46556-0369

Phone: (574) 631-4159

Higher Education

Undergraduate: B.A. Zoology Pomona College, Claremont, California. 1980. Graduated cum laude

Doctorate: Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. Department of Zoology, 1988. Major Professor: Dr. Guy L. Bush

Thesis title: The Biochemical Genetics of Host Race Formation and Sympatric Speciation in Rhagoletis pomonella (Diptera: Tephritidae).

Previous Positions

Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University,1989-1991.

Department of Ecology and Evolution, University of Chicago. 1992-1993. (Working in collaboration with Dr. Martin Kreitman at Princeton and University of Chicago.)

Assist. Professor: University of Notre Dame. 1993-1999.
Assoc. Professor: 1999-2005.
Full Professor: 2006-present

Scholarships and Fellowships

Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Savannah River Ecology Lab., Univ. of Georgia, 1979.
Graduate Ecology Research Fellowship: Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Texas, 1981.
Molecular Biology Research Fellowship: Michigan State Univ. 1985-1987.
Sloan Foundation Evolutionary Biology Postdoctoral Fellow: Princeton University 1989-1991.
Fellow Reilly Center for Study of Science, Technology, and Values. University of Notre Dame 2005-present.
Fellow Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (German National Center for Advanced Study) 2008.
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Distinctions, Honors, Awards

CAREER Grant Award, National Science Foundation, 1995-1998.

IRC (Integrative Research Challenges) project leader, National Science Foundation, 1999-2005.

IGERT (Integrative Graduate Education, Research, and Traineership) project leader for GLOBES program at the Univ. of Notre Dame, National Science Foundation, July 2005-2010.

Invited Participant: National Academy of Sciences Keck Future Initiatives “The Genomic Revolution: Implications for the Treatment and Control of Infectious Disease”, Univ. of Calif. at Irvine, Nov. 2005.

James A. Burns, C.S.C. 2016 University Award for Outstanding Contribution to Graduate Education at the University of Notre Dame.

Professional Memberships

Society for the Study of Evolution (1980-present)
Entomological Society of America (1986-present)
American Association for the Advancement of Science (1980-present)
Genetics Society of America (1989-present)
European Evolution Society (2008-present)

Invited Lectures and Addresses

Invited Keynote/Symposium Speaker or Special Seminar Lecturer

International Congress of Entomology. Invited Symposium speaker. Insect genomics. Orlando, FL. Sept. 2016.

United States Department of Agriculture. Invited Symposium speaker. Project managers meeting. Orlando, FL. Sept. 2016.

Symposium speaker. Population genomics. Society for the Study of Speciation Annual Meeting. Austin, Texas. June 2016.

Symposium keynote speaker. Conference on Cryptic Species and Speciation. National History Museum of the University of Oslo. Oslo Norway. June 2016.

Retirement Symposium Invited Speaker in Honor of Dr. Steph Menken. University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam. The Netherlands. May. 2016.

Graduate Student Distinguished Speaker. Texas A&M University. Dept. of Entomology. April 2016.

Graduate Student Distinguished Speaker. University of Arizona. Dept. of Ecology and Evolution. Feb. 2016.

Gordon Conference on Speciation. Invited speaker and session leader on genomic signatures. Ventura, CA. Mar. 2015.

Entomology Society of America Annual Meeting. Invited Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity Section Speaker. Portland, OR. Nov. 2014.

Graduate Student Distinguished Speaker. University of British Columbia. Nov. 2014.

8th Annual Arthropod Genomics Meeting. Distinguished speaker. University of Urbana, Illinois. June. 2014.

Entomology Society of America Annual Meeting. Invited Symposium Speaker on Sympatric Speciation in honor of Guy Bush. Austin, TX. Nov. 2013.

European Society of Evolutionary Biology. Invited symposium speaker. Genomic Islands. Aug. 2013.

Graduate Student Distinguished Speaker. State University New York Stony Brook. May. 2013.

George Williams Distinguished Seminar Speaker. State University New York Stony Brook. May. 2013.

Frospect Symposium on Speciation Genomics. Invited Symposium Speaker. Lucerne, Switzerland. April 2013.

Symposium organizer and presenter. Society for the Study of Evolution Symposium on Genomics of Population Divergence. July 2012. Annual Meeting. Ottawa, Canada

Graduate Student Distinguished Speaker. Dept. Entomology. UC Davis. Mar. 2011.

Ripken Center for Developmental Biology Distinguished Speaker Meeting on the Molecular Basis of Complex Traits. Kobe Japan. Feb. 2011.

Darwin Day Distinguished Speaker. University of Minnesota at Duluth. Feb. 2011.

Next generation Sequencing Conference invited symposium speaker. University of Indiana at Indianapolis Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. Jan. 2011.

Key Note Speaker. CIBIO Conferrence on Biodiverstiy. University of Porto, Portugal. Dec. 2010.

P.T. Barnum Distinguished Seminar Speaker. Dept. Biology. Tufts University, Nov. 2010

Host Associated Divergence: Invited Graduate Student Symposium, National meeting of the Entomological Society of America, San Diego, California, 2010.

Key Note Speaker. Midwest Ecology and Evolution Conference, Iowa State Univ., Ames Iowa, Mar. 2010.

Ecological Genomics Conference, Invited Symposium speaker. Kansas State University, Kansas City, Missouri, Nov. 2009.

European Evolution Society: Invited Symposium Speaker. Speciation. Torino, Italy. August 2009.

Royal Entomological Society: Invited Symposium Speaker. Year of Darwin. Rothdam, England. April 2009.

Vatican Conference on Evolution. Invited Symposium Speaker. Rome, Italy. March 2009.

Metamorphosis through Merger: Symposium Honoring the Accomplishments of Maurice and Katherine Tauber. National Entomology Society Meeting, Reno, Nevada. Nov. 2008.

Metamorphosis through Synthesis: Invited Student Symposium National Entomology Society Meeting, Reno, Nevada. Nov. 2008.

Natural Selection and Speciation. International Conference hosted by the Univ. of Mainz, Germany. Feb. 2008.

Genetics Society of America Conference on the Genetics of Speciation Vancouver, Canada, July, 2006.

Entomology Society of America, Ron Prokopy Memorial Seminar, Ft. Lauderdale, FL Dec. 2005.

Gordon Conference on Evolutionary and Ecological Functional Genomics, Queens College, Oxford University, Oxford England, July 2005.

National Academy of Sciences USA, Sackler Colloquium in Honor of Ernst Mayr, Irvine, Calif., Dec. 2004.

Entomological Society of America Symposium in memory of Tom Wood, Nov. 2003.

10th International Symposium on Plant – Insect Interactions. Keble College, Oxford University, Oxford England July 1998.

Scandinavian Genetics Society. University of Turku, Turku, Finland. June 19, 1996.

Gordon Conference Endless Forms: Species and Speciation. Asilomar, Calif. May 18, 1996.

Invited Seminar Speaker

Texas A&M, April 2016.

Purdue University at Calumet, Sept. 2015

Western Washington University, Oct. 2014

Rice University, Sept. 2013

Purdue University, Jan. 2011

Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, Oct. 2010

Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany, Jan. 2009

Wiessenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Jan. 2009

Humboldt University, Berlin Germany Dec. 2008

University of Minnesota, Nov. 2007

University of Illinois at Chicago, Feb. 2007

University of Wisconsin at Madison, Dec. 2006

University of Amsterdam the Netherlands, Sept. 2006

University of British Columbia, July 2006

Simon Frasier University, July 2006

University of California at Davis, Distinguished Science Leaders Seminar Series, hosted by Dept. of Ecology and Evolution, Feb. 2006

University of Florida at Gainesville, Dept. Entomology, Dec. 2005

University of British Columbia, Dept. Ecology and Evolution, Mar. 2004

Louisiana State University, Dept. Biology, Sept. 2003

Princeton University, Dept. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Nov. 2002

Pennsylvania State University, Dept. Entomology, Mar 2002

University of Arizona at Tucson, Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Nov. 2001

Cornell University, Dept. Ecology and Evolution, June 2001

Ohio State University, Dept. of Entomology, May 2001

North Carolina State University, Dept. Entomology, Nov. 2000

University of Texas at Austin, Dept. Ecology and Evolution, Oct. 2000

University of Iowa, Dept. Ecology and Evolution, Mar. 2000

University of Massachusetts, Dept. Biology, Feb. 1999

University of Arkansas, Dept. Biology, Nov. 1997

New York State Experimental Station, Cornell University, Geneva, N.Y., Oct. 1997

Cornell University, Dept. Ecology and Evolution, Oct. 1997

University of California at Berkeley, Dept. Entomology, May 1997

Western Michigan University, Dept. Biology, Jan. 1997

University of Illinois, Dept. Entomology, Nov. 1996

University of Cincinnati, Dept. Biology, Sept. 1996

Dartmouth University, Dept. Biology, Feb. 1995

University of Arizona at Tucson, Dept. Entomology, March 1994.

Other Notable Contributions

Director GLOBES/IGERT program (July 2005-2013).
Associate Editor for the journal Evolution (Jan. 2007-2010)
Associate Editor for the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology (Jan. 2010-present)
Special Editor for the journal Entomologia Exp. et Applicata (Jan. 2005-present)
Special Associate Editor for the journal PLoS Biology
Special Associate Editor for the journal PNAS
Special Editor. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society. Special Issue: Speciation Genomics (2012).
Co-organizer. Symposium Genome Evolution and Speciation. 2012 Annual Meeting Society for the Study of Evolution.
Special Editor. Evolution. Special Issue: Genome Evolution and Speciation (2013).
Ph.D. committee member for 30 Departmental masters and Ph.D. students.
Mentored over 120 undergraduate students and 3 high school teachers in my laboratory.
Sponsored 5 minority students under the CANDAX / McNair program.
Mentored 7 Post-Doctorate Researchers in my laboratory.
External Member and Evaluator Tenure and Promotion Committees: Tufts University, SUNY Stony Brook, Univ. Oklahoma, Univ. of Vermont, Univ. of Miami, Univ. of Minnesota Duluth, Temple University, Purdue University, University of Rochester, Florida State University, Boston University.
Reviewer for the journals: Science, Nature, Evolution, Ecology, Ecological Letters, Entomologia, Heredity, Genetics, PNAS, and Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Wildlife, Molecular Ecology, Molecular Biology and Evolution.
Reviewer of competitive grants for: NSF, NIH, NCERC and USDA
Panelist and contributor to “Biological Science” textbook by Scott Freeman (Prentice Hall). (2003 and 2007).
Assisted author Jonathan Weiner in production of his book “The Beak of the Finch” (1995), which won a Pulitzer Prize.
Assisted authors Jerry Coyne and Allan Orr in production of their book “Speciation” (2004).
Scientific Grant Review Panel Member:
National Science Foundation Evolutionary Processes Panel (2013).
National Science Foundation Genomics Panel (2007).
National Science Foundation IGERT Panel (2006, 2007).
National Science Foundation Evolutionary Genetics Panel (2005).
United Stated Department of Agriculture NRI CSREES General Entomology and Nematology Panel (2003, 2004).
National Science Foundation Genomics Enabled Environmental Research Panel (2003).
National Science Foundation Population Biology Panel (2001, 2002, 2004).
National Science Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship Panel (2000).
National Science Foundation POWRE Fellowships in Environmental Biology (1999).
National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants in Environmental Biology (1997, 1998).
National Science Foundation CAREER symposium on undergraduate education (1995).

Courses Taught at Notre Dame


Evolution (Bios. 30305) F’93, S’95, S’96, S’98, S’99, S’00, S’01, S’02
History of Life (Bios. 30310) F’02, F’03, F’04, F’05, F’06, F’07, F’09, F’10, S’12 , S’13, S’15
Introduction to Biology (Bios. 20201) F’13, F’15


Major Transitions in Evolution (Bios. 574) S’07
Population Genetics (Bios. 508) S’94, F’98, F’01
Speciation (Bios. 574) F’94, F’99, S’03, S’05 , S’08
Molecular Evolution (Bios. 574) F’95, F’00, S’04
Ecological Genetics (Bios. 574) F’97
Ecological and Environmental Genomics (Bios. 574) S’10, S’11, S’12, S’13, S’14, S’15, S’16
IGERT training module – Environmental Genomics S’07
GRT training module – Environmental Stress (Molecular Genetics Lab) F’96
Departmental Graduate Seminar S’97, S’99, S’03, S’04, S’07
GLOBES Interdisciplinary Seminar F’12

University and Departmental Service

Board member of Advanced Diagnostics and Therapeutics Strategic Research Initiative
Member of Environmental Change Initiative Strategic Research Initiative
Affirmative Action Committee 2002-2013
University Hiring Committee 2007
Environmental Initiatives Committee 2006, 2007
Fulbright Evaluation Committee 2012
Full Professor Committee on Academic Promotion 2007-2016.
Dept. Biological Sciences Strategic Hiring Committee 2014
Dept. Biological Sciences Genomics Committee 2007-2008
Dept. Biological Sciences Graduate Recruitment Committee 2005-2008
Dept. Biological Sciences Affirmative Action Committee 2005-2008
Dept. Biological Sciences Graduate and Admissions Committee 1994-2011
Dept. Biological Sciences Curriculum Committee 2002-2004
Dept. Biological Sciences Planning Committee 2002-2004
Dept. Biological Sciences Strategic Planning Committee 2016-2017
Quantitative and Analytical Biologist Search Committee. Dept. Biological Sciences. 2016
Environmental Ecologist Search Committee. Dept. Biological Sciences. 1994
Quantitative Ecologist Search Committee. Dept. Biological Sciences. 1997
Luce Chair Search Committee. Dept. Biological Sciences. 1998
Outside Thesis Examiner for Chemistry, Math, Philosophy, Civil Engineering and Biochemistry, Biocomplexity.